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Hauntings of an Island: The Lajabless

  Author: 53165  Category:(Horror) Created:(5/17/2002 5:40:00 PM)
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Being brought up on the Island of Trinidad, i have heard stories upon stories about the many spirits, demons and devils who roamed the darkness of the Tropical Paradise. A famous story is that of the Lajabless. The Lajabless is said to be a woman with one human foot and one hoof. This demon appears to her victims ( who are most likely males) as a beautiful young woman who is apparently lost. When the victim approaches, she uses trickery and leads them to lonely areas or more commomly pickah (thorns) patches and leave them there to die. There is a way to protect yourself however if u do encounter her, which i will reveal in my story. Keep in mind this is a true story not a fable or folk tale. In the old days, West indian people were mostly farmer type people. They did not have much use for cars etc. They were pretty happy riding their bicycles and/ or walking to get to their destinations. One man remembered for that is my Great Uncle. He worked in one of those lumber factories which was not too far from where he lived, so he used to ride his bicycle to and from work. He used to be up and off by 6 in the morning and returning home at 12- 1 in the morning ( pretty long day huh?) Well, this particular night after work, the night was crisp and still, so he decided to walk instead of ride his bike. Anyways, the road was a lonely road and the ground was covered with grass on either side . As he was walking along, he said he saw this stately, young woman standing on the side of the road. He thought she was in trouble and being so pretty he felt it was a bit too late for her to be out on her own. He went over to her and asked if she needed help, she replied no, she was just on her way home and if he would accompany her. He agreed and they began to walk, he then noticed that she walked with one foot in the grass and the other on the road. Feeling a bit suspicious, he decided to light a cigarette, just as he did she let out this loud and horrifying laugh as she shouted " yuh lucky" (yuh = you are). With that he jumped on his bike and sped off. He said as he was riding he felt a stone hit him as if she had thrown it at him. He rode all the way home and never stopped for anyone ever again. So, the only known protection or test for these evil spirits is light, any form of light, as the saying goes light overcomes darkness. Ain't that the truth.

How it changed my life:

I can safely say this is one of the reasons i don't care to be out late at night. Feel free to voice your opinions and inputs. I would love to hear them. Thank you.

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 5/17/2002 5:46:00 PM  From Authorid: 49465    There is something like that here where I live. Its this girl who is also walking but she doesnt kill anyone just scares them. Hey pretty coool story Shotman007  
Date: 5/17/2002 5:48:00 PM  From Authorid: 28946    Wow! That is an awesome story! My brother andI were talking the other day and we both agreed we enjoy nightly walks but only in town where there are street lights. Lonely country roads petrify both of us. Perhaps there is alot of truth in myths. Thanks for the good read.  
Date: 5/17/2002 5:54:00 PM  From Authorid: 53008    Ahh! That is super scary! Now there is another reason why I don't like going out in the dark!! Thanks for posting!!

Date: 5/17/2002 10:12:00 PM  From Authorid: 54626    i dont believe that story
Date: 5/18/2002 8:05:00 AM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 53165    Well 54626, u are entitled to have your own opinion, but i know it is real and a true story. It does not exist over here, because there are lights almost everywhere, but don't doubt it....there are things u would never believe are true and then it comes like a tidal wave over your head. So please don't underestimate. Later!
Date: 5/18/2002 7:05:00 PM  From Authorid: 51241    thats a very good post!!
Date: 5/19/2002 3:46:00 AM  From Authorid: 53155    great post, here in maryland we have the goat man, i have never seen him but i have heard stories, sounds like your great uncle was lucky:-) redheadwitch  
Date: 6/1/2002 9:28:00 AM  From Authorid: 20235    wow, I thought that was really scary. Even scarier knowing that it's true.  

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