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I think my daughter sees shadow people and ghosts

  Author:  62585  Category:(Ghosts) Created:(7/20/2008 5:59:00 PM)
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My daughter is 4 years old. About 6 months or so ago she woke up around 2:30 am and had to use the bathroom. she sleeps with her door closed and when she opened it, she screamed a blood curdling scream. when we asked her what was going on she said that there was a little boy standing in the hall way when she opened her door, she said he had long braids and had his head cocked to the side, she says he was making a scary face at her and was nose to nose with her when she opened the door.

We calmed her down and put her back to bed. I thought it was a little unsettling that she gave such detail about what she saw because she's only four...how could she make something like that up that quickly? about 3 weeks after that she got up and informed me that there had been something in her room last night. She has a night light in her room that changes from blue to green and to red. She said that every time the light on her night light turned red she saw a large black thing across the room. She said it looked hairy. The weirdest part she mentioned was that it had no face, she said it was just black with no face, and no ears.

Yet again i was struck by the detail, but did not really know what to do. i myself have had experiences in my life with apparitions of some kind, and several family members report having seen ghosts. I let it go until this week, she began talking about it again at a family function. My brother said that what she mentioned (the black thing) sounded like shadow people. I have never heard of shadow people and had no idea what he was talking about. When i got home i googled it and found that most people's sighting of these "shadow people" are surprisingly similar to what my daughter described.

So now i'm sure she did see something. but i'm worried. My daughter is unusually terrified of everything. She is seriously afraid of more than any person i have ever seen. to the point of trembling and crying over something that no normal person is afraid of. So now i wonder....is she seeing other things that she's not telling me? i don't want to probe her because i fear encouraging her to tell stories. I want to be sure she's not making things up because i talk about it to her. my husband does not believe in any of this stuff and thinks she just has a wild immagination. i'm not really sure what to think. but there are tons of people who claim to have seen shadow people......any advice?

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Halloween is Right around the corner.. .

Date: 7/20/2008 6:04:00 PM  From Authorid: 63026    Wow that is scary. I do believe your daughter and most kids can see things most adults can't. For advice I would be open to what she sees, don't dismiss it. Could you move her to a different room in the house?  
Date: 7/20/2008 6:28:00 PM  From Authorid: 58078    Because children are so innocent they are prone to see things that we )more skeptical) don't see. Do you have any animals...usually they sense to.  
Date: 7/20/2008 6:32:00 PM  ( From Author ) From Authorid: 62585    Oh i also forgot to mention that when she was two she went through about a 2 month span of saying she saw a lion all the time. She said a lion followed her everywhere and she was afraid of it and wanted it to go away.  
Date: 7/20/2008 9:12:00 PM  From Authorid: 64497    I've only seen a shadow person once, and it was a scary experience. It wasn't just how solid it was that scared me, it was the feeling of dread and rage that it brought a long with it. I would believe her.  
Date: 7/20/2008 11:11:00 PM  From Authorid: 35720    That's really scary. =/  
Date: 7/21/2008 12:03:00 AM  From Authorid: 63121    That's scary. She probably is seeing what she claims. If she is that frightened she's not making it up. Get her to talk about it. Keep us updated.  
Date: 7/21/2008 5:54:00 AM  From Authorid: 51876    First off let me say that you have a psychic child.The child with the braids was a ghost, up to 500 years in this state. the second is a Avatar. Avatars are used by many spellcasters and they can be a anamoly. Those who practice magic without proper training do not know how to seperate your subconscious desires within the cast.Unbeknownst to the conjurer, it becomes a companion. The color red is the aether in which it travels.It is especially prevaleant in those teenage dabblers. Sometimes the overload of these imps cause them to wander in search of a personal companion, sometimes it's creator has died.The creature your child describes is well known to serious practioners of the magical arts.  
Date: 7/21/2008 9:46:00 AM  From Authorid: 5061    Ok,here goes,a child is very sentive to the spirit world.My grandson at 3 was seeing the old lady that passed away the same day we moved into our home here in carolina.my home is very spirited,ans we also have shawdow people,as well as spirits that stop by from time to time.She will talk to you soon,and most likely describe some one that has passed on, that you had in your family,or your hubby;s family.Don't be afraid,it's a gift.and the wee hours of the morning is when the veil is the thinest so that loved ones,or the spirit world is mostly to come threw.  
Date: 7/21/2008 10:31:00 AM  From Authorid: 64637    Kids are way sensitive to the paranormal, becuase they are sinless. It sounds like it is really creeping your daughter out, enough to the point it might make her unstable....you should really consider calling a preist to bless your house, you can even burn some sage to try an get rid of anything that is there. To me, they don't sound too friendly. ~~MidnightSun  
Date: 7/21/2008 12:17:00 PM  From Authorid: 18155    Best advice I can give is to leave them alone. The ones around here hate to be annoyed by folks trying to get rid of them by any means.  
Date: 7/23/2008 12:19:00 PM  From Authorid: 5061    I agree with 32,best to leave them be,you may awaken more,yes,true you can burn sage,but its for protection for you and you're family,not to get rid of a spirit.thank goodness,the old chief,that has taken up up here in my house,along with the man and his sister,are friendly.they just move stuff,or tug on the blanket,every now and then.  
Date: 7/23/2008 1:12:00 PM  From Authorid: 18155    Try using a ouija board" to make contact with them. It sure does with those around here.I doubtn anything sinister could happem.  
Date: 8/5/2008 7:22:00 AM  From Authorid: 63241    Not too long after I came to USM I posted about what happened with my grandmother and my 4-year old (at the time) granddaughter. Here is the post: http://www.unsolvedmysteries.com/usm439326.html. I believe children are more open to the spirit world because they are trusting and not cynical. Whenever my granddaughter would see something that scared her she would say aloud, "In Jesus' Name, leave me now!" Now that she's 12 years old, she doesn't see these types of things so I believe she's outgrown it or perhaps closed her mind to it. I hope your daughter will be alright!  

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